Printing Ink

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Dedicated to the superior crafting of pressroom ink, The Printing Ink Company is committed to delivering the highest performance ink on press.

Radiant, Accurate Color!

They appreciate and understand the challenge and complexities of the printing process; the fine balance of ink and water on paper, the origins of every color, hue and strength, and today’s increasingly demanding presses and wider range of materials.

Industry-Superior Ink

The Printing Ink Company delivers industry-superior ink while striving to be conscious of the environment.  And, because they craft their ink from the best raw materials, and control the whole process from the pigment powder to the canned finished product, they ensure the greatest level of consistency in their product, again and again.


Uncompromising Quality

It’s good.  It’s always good.  Every time.  That’s why IGS is pleased to endorse The Printing Ink Company and why they are our exclusive supplier of printing ink.

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