Color Management

Spot on Color!

Brilliant, spot on color doesn’t just happen.  Predictable, repeatable and consistent print results occur when tolerances are tight, press variables are managed, and the best possible materials are utilized during the printing process.

shutterstock_158535425_color management 350pxVibrant, Reliable, High-Resolution Image Reproduction

Successfully managing tolerances and variables begin with identifying the unique characteristics of each press and maximizing its particular print tendencies.  Standardizing pressroom equipment to industry color specifications will ensure vibrant, reliable, high-resolution image reproduction as it moves from monitor to proofs to final offset printed copy.

Print Integrity

And because pressroom supplies vary greatly in quality and performance, selecting the best possible materials for your unique press will contribute significantly to print integrity as well as help optimize the productive life span of costly capital equipment.

Optimize Your Press

Once optimized, you will realize less make-ready time, reduce production waste, and improve press speeds while satisfying your customer’s quality expectation.

Unlock Your Equipment’s Greatest Potential

IGS can effectively identify and correct the real issues that threaten precise color and print reliability.  Let us unlock your equipment’s greater potential. Contact us today at 888-345-4713.